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Franchise System

Bert concept is a global issue since there is slurry nearly everywhere as well as the need for energy.

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Bert-slurry only AD plants offer a unique technology. The power of nature is used to mix the substrates in the digester.

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Our franchise partners offer the following standardised models for slurry / manure from cattle, pig, chicken, equine, etc.

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About Bert Energy

Bert Energy's Mission is to make use of the free fuel and extract the energy, reduce the oder and produce a potent bio-fertilizer. Since slurry is a global issue we decided from the beginning in 2010 to make our technology available to many other companies globally by a Franchise Partner System. This means that bert systems are build globally by our Franchise Partners.

  • Bert is the name of our product family for farm size biogas plants. We specialise in the utilisation of slurry and manures without the use of energy crops (silage, root crops) for the biogas product.
  • "Slurry-only" is our concept for biogas plants. With bert plants you produce energy and a fine fertilizer. There are lots of advantages of slurry only biogas plants. In the EU we have over 240,000 cattle farmers which fit to our products.
  • In addtion there is the pig farming sector. There is a huge market waiting to be served. bert has received international awards and recognitions.
  • Bert Energy GmbH is the holder of patents and rights and acts as Franchisor. Together with our global Franchise Partners we propagate the bert brand and concept. Bert Energy GmbH itself does not build plants but works with Franchise Partners to build bert plants locally.
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Biogas Franchise System

In 2010 we started the business in Germany as well as in the first international markets and today the global market offers the greatest growth potential.

We have developed the Franchise Partner System depending on the country, there is investment support for farm-sized biogas plants. This offers a great opportunity to start.

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